W205 BlackVue PowerMagic Pro Hardwire Install

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Apr 12, 2016
How to:

Hardwire Install for a BlackVue 2 channel (front & rear dash cam) with Power Magic Pro in a Mercedes C Class W205

Time taken:

1 hour being conservative, maximum will be 2 hours

Tools required:

BlackVue dash-cam kit
Power Magic Pro Kit
Trim removal tool (one comes with the BlackVue kit)
2 x Fuse taps (approx £4 off eBay)
Wire crimpers
Fuse tester (approx £2 of eBay)

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Within the BlackVue kit you will have 2 cameras, the larger one is for the front and the smaller one for the rear, some 3m adhesive pads (not really needed), cable clips, 8gb memory card and instructions, you will also have 2 cables supplied one is the 12v cable to connect the dash-cam to the 12v cigarette socket, the other cable is to connect the rear dash-cam to the main dash-cam unit at the front of the car.

The use of the Power Magic Pro is to enable the dash cam to be hardwired to the vehicles fuse box eradicating the need for wiring to be visible, the usage of the parking mode functionality and to power the dash-cam from the vehicles battery through the Power Magic Pro configured to various timer settings to prevent battery discharge.

Let’s Get Started:

1. Position the Main Dash-Cam unit as central as possible in the windscreen behind your rear view mirror, once happy with the positioning peel off the 3M tape and stick firmly to the windscreen. Please ensure the windscreen is free from dirt or grease before sticking into place.

2. Position the Rear Dash-Cam unit as central as possible in the rear windscreen. Again once happy with the positioning peel off the 3M tape and stick firmly to the windscreen. Please ensure the windscreen is free from dirt or grease before sticking into place.

Running the Wires

3. First thing I did was to connect the rear camera to the main unit as this was a simple task. Please remember as we are running two wires into the main unit I used the left handside of the vehicle for the rear camera and the right hand side for the main camera running these wires into the boot of the car.


4. For the rear dash cam wire using your trim removal tool simply tuck the wire into the left hand side of the housing for the Distronic Unit (I think) on the windscreen and then use the trim tool to tuck the wire into the overhead trim towards the left A Pillar, should be simple as there is ample space.


5. Once you reach the A Pillar simple use the thin end of your trim tool and pry apart enough gap to feed the cable into and then run along the Pillar to the other end and simple feed the wire into the rubber covering taking the wire to the B Pillar. See pics



6. Once you are at the B Pillar again use your trim tool and pry apart the pillar trim to roof lining and feed the cable through, once on the other side again run the cable inside the rubber covering (as you did before) taking the wire to the rear of the car


7. Run the wire now into the car’s rear C pillar, again use your trim tool any excess can be carefully fed into this pillar, there is an airbag in this pillar so just take you time do not overly exert any pressure and the cable should feed through like the rest, run the wire through the roof lining on the other side and connect the cable to your rear dash cam. Now wires visible at all in the car apart from at the point of connection. Rear Camera all hooked up!!


8. Now to connect the Front dash-cam to the power magic pro housed to the fuse box in the boot. I l know there is a fusebox to the side of the dashboard but I felt I had more space to work with in the boot and the wires are long enough so why not.

9. Simply connect the cable to the dash cam and do exactly what you did with the rear cam and running the wires through the A, B and C pillars hiding the cable in the roof lining where possible and in the rubber trim, take the wire as far as the C Pillar and this is where its slightly different.

10. Once past the B pillar run the wire along the length of the door in the rubber trim and down until you reach the gap between the roof trim and the seats, use your pry tool and feed the cable in this gap and then take the cable and feed it behind the seat into the boot. There are a number of ways you can get the cable to the boot through the seats I found this was the easiest and what worked best for me, but feel free to experiment as you wish



11. The 12volt power connector from the Dash-Cam should now be in the boot. Ensure the car is switched off and this is where we decide which fuse we connect the power magic pro too.

12. Firstly plug the 12volt connector into the 12volt socket attached to the power magic pro so that part of the circuit is complete and also at this stage plug in the cable harness into the power magic pro and you will see now that there are 3coloured wires attached to this:
• BATT (+) Yellow
• ACC (+) Red
• GND Black



13. Before we connect the three wires please remember the BATT Yellow wire needs to be connected to a fuse that has constant power to it so this is a fuse receiving power whilst the car is off. The ACC Red wire needs to be connected to a fuse that only receives power whilst the car is turned onand the GND needs to be connected to a metal bolt within the fuse area in order to ground/earth the circuit. Now we need to check which fuses to use..

14. Now you have to choose which fuse to connect your fuse tap too, please consult the fuse map supplied by Mercedes which is normally attached to the side of the fuse box. So first we are going to find a fuse using the fuse tester which has constant power whilst the vehicle is off. When using the fuse tester make sure it is grounded to a metal part of the car or it won’t work. I used the belt tensioner fuse if I recall right for my constant power source.



15. Now to connect the ACC red wire to a fuse which only has power when the car is switched on. Take your fuse tester and check the fuses whilst the power is off take note of the fuses which do not light up the fuse tester, switch the car on and recheck the fuses again to see if they now light up the fuse tester to show they are receiving power, the ones that light up you are able to connect your fuse taps to these. Recheck you fuse diagram and select a fuse which is non-essential I used the 12Volt in the rear fuse.



16. Now to connect the GND wire to a metal bolt in the fuse box, locate a bolt and simply connect the black wire to this grounding the circuit. PLEASE NOTE which connecting the fuse taps the original fuse should be situated on the inner of the tap and the new fuse situated on the outer of the tap holding.


17. All finished simply do a bit of cable tidying in the fuse box, peel off the 3M tape on the Power Magic Pro unit and attach it to a secure, easily accessible spot in the fuse box and switch it on. Refer to the timer instruction that came with the Power Magic Pro mine has been set with the infinity recording.

18. Start the car listen to the BlackVue welcome power up message and let the recording begin. Quality of the recording can be seen below. I have changed the provided 8GB micro SD card to the max card the BlackVue can hold which is a 128GB micro SD card, if you wish to do this make sure you format the new SD card, and copy of all the files from the old 8GB micro SD card, and reinsert to your BlackVue camera and you are all set to go.



I hope this guide helps you install your dash cam, im no expert but I couldn’t justify paying the £150 quoted to do this hence me undertaking it myself, any question please do not hesitate to ask. I think I have covered all the steps in this guide but if I have missed any I apologise in advance as this guide has already exceeded my expectations in terms of the length of write up. Hopefully this will allow one or two of you to install your own dashcams.

Thanks for sharing. Very useful to others.

Just a heads up that the PoweMagic Pro isn't a great discharge prevention device long term. I learnt the hard way! It's highest setting is 12v which is quite low. This means that it will deplete quite a lot off your battery before switching off the dashcam. The battery in my car seems permanently buggered as a result. Stop/start never works (which I know is sure attractive feature for some people).

I have switched over to the Lucas. See the following article.

That's a great little link, I would've benefited from reading that before I installed mine. Thanks for the heads up!

How did you get on with DAB interference? when I had one in my Range Rover, when I powered it up, I lost half the DAB signal.
I read quite a bit about DAB interference before buying, but have never had an interference issue in 18 months.

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