W205 button backlighting -fuse?

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Nov 8, 2009

Can anyone help - the backlighting in my W205 (2019 c class estate - 200 cdi) behind all of the buttons in the centre console and overhead console (SOS button and interior lights) has suddenly stopped working. Just to be clear, it is the lighting that illuminates each button’s function which has stopped, not the multicoloured ambient lighting. The buttons themselves still work - but when dark you can’t see them!

I am assuming this is a fuse box issue - but I simply can’t find the relevant fuse (the interior lighting fuses seem to control the actual lights not the backlights). Does anyone have any idea which it could be?

There do not appear to be any fault codes although I have a basic third party reader.

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This link shows the 205 C class fuses and relays up to 2018 pre facelift. No idea on what changes were made for the 2019 model year.
It may be of help if the fuse values are the same and you find which fuse/relay it is causing the problem.


Edit This website lists the 205 up to 2019 so may include your model.

Thanks - very helpful but I still can’t find the offending fuse. It seems to be the same circuit as the dashboard lighting intensity, as the button to change the lighting no longer does so.

Any idea what that circuit is would be called in the fuse diagrams?

Dash Light Dimmer circuit?
Is it possible that this is controlled by the overhead control panel rather than fuses? Just a thought.

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