W205 C Class Auxiliary Battery Malfunction warning - Beware of dealership incorrect charges if under Mercedes Extended Warranty !

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warranties are a product. they are sold to make profit
It should also be noted that they are sold in addition to your consumer rights, (Consumer Rights Act 2015), and do not take away any of the rights contained within that act. Something else that a lot of folk do not realise.
warranties are a product. they are sold to make profit
Warranties are not necessarily a product. There is nothing stopping a company warranting its own product or service without selling you anything. They may choose to not do this and it may be a third party offers such a service.
The problem (in my view anyway) is misrepresenting an insurance product as a guarantee. The bigger problem then is the differences in policies all hiding behind the general interpretation of the word “warranty”
From the view of the salesman, it’s just something to close a deal.
It’s not that to a customer-it’s peace of mind. Until they need to use it. At which point they realise it wasn’t what they expected but the salesman doesn’t care now. Trust is broken which used to be a problem in most sales related industries, but apparently not here as there are plenty of other trusting customers.
Most customers bring that upon themselves by not reading the warranty policy before they sign.....none of it is a secret ....its written in black and white. If you don't like it you can buy a policy from a better company elsewhere.
As far as dealers warrantying their own sold cars....more and more do. I sell caravans and we have underwritten our own warranties for about 10 years now. We used to use a warranty company to take the risk out of it.....but they charge us a lot and often (as said above) don't cover what goes wrong causing friction between us and the customer. So we experimented by putting the money we would have paid them into a separate account (not literally but on the books) and use that to fund warranties. We have never looked back....its financially better for us and we decide what is covered and what is not. Even if something fails that is not covered, if we think its unreasonable or occurred within a short time we will sort it....happy punters. One thing that people forget is that any warranty they give or sell you is in ADDITION to your statutory rights. Even if you bought no warranty at all the law is there to protect you if you bought from a dealer.
And that is what a warranty should be. You stand behind your own products.
And if you sell a policy, it should be fit for purpose. Of course if a customer decides to source their own policy, that is their issue.
All in my opinion of course!
What is not covered?
Why dosn't the warranty say what is covered. Probably not a lot & a bit embarrassing for them as not many people would take it out

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