W205 / C200 wagon wheels and tyres wanted

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Oct 2, 2011
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W205 C200 SE EE estate
Hi folks
my new-to-me 2017 C200 estate came with a full new set of nice Nokian winter tyres fitted. All very good for the winter. However, as we're coming out of winter, they're not so good, and there's no point unnecessarily frazzling them.
Does anyone have a set of wheels and tyres for sale, with summer tyres fitted WITH pressure sensors, so I can get rolling for the summer?
I've seen a few recommended places on here, however, I was wondering if anyone here has a set in decent shape. May as well make the forum work and see if some members can mutually help each other out.

I'm probably after 17/18", but happy to hear options.

I'm in NW Kent/ SE London but happy to travel a bit. Also happy to take receipt of a nice pallet.

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