W205 C300 Exhaust vavles

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Dec 16, 2020
Essex, UK
C300 Cab 2018
I've had my C300 cab now for a few months and I love the noise the exhaust makes when in Sport+ mode when it pops around 4k revs. Unlike the C43 or C63, the C300 dosnt have the valve button on the centre console. My question is, does the popping come from the over run of the sports engine mode or does the C300 have exhaust valves that open when the car is put in Sport+ mode??

I'm also slightly disappointed that the car does pop or crackle on the down shift. If anyone has any suggestion on how to achieve this please shout.

Many thanks

I was under the impression that the only W205 models that have the exhaust valves are the AMG C43 and C63.

I may be wrong.
I've just checked the build sheet and notice the following: SPORT EXHAUST SYSTEM

I wonder what this means??

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