W205 EPB parking brake module

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Sep 1, 2021
W205 Estate
Hi guys ,
I am new to forum and have a question about electronic parking brake in w205, I have seen some of you experienced issues similar to mine. I have yellow and red parking lights on and message parking brake see manual. EPB definitely doesn't work as I can't hear it. I managed to test electric actuators and both of them working when applied 12vdc directly onto them. Now I am struggling to locate EPB module itself, any help appreciated. Worth to mention I had water ingress into the cabin which I fixed, I hope, and some of the connectors under driver seat were flooded, now cleaned and unfortunately problem didn't go away. I tried to hook up Autel scanner but except getting car VIN I am unable to connect to modules. car drives fine except EPB error message. It wasn't best scanner from day one and will have to get something else. Any advise welcomed, thanks.

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