W205 ILS lights not properly activating or deactivating.

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Dec 20, 2022
C250d 4matic
I have had a 2014 car previously, so know how these lights are supposed to function.

Basically, ILS is activated, lights in 'auto', stalk pushed forward, 'A' light symbol displayed, but nothing more than a dipped beam becomes active. I would say they shine a touch further down the road, but nothing in comparison to pulling the stalk back to flash the full beams. This is driving on a dark road at 60mph.

If i deactivate ILS, I still can't manually turn full beams on with lights in 'auto'. This is making it awkward to drve withfulbeams on at all. I'm sure that my previous car didn't function like this at all.
If the lights are on AUTO and you have the High Beam Assist (which comes with ILS on W205/W253), then the high beams are always on AUTO. You'll need to set the headlight rotary switch to full-on, not AUTO. The ILS function is mostly separate to the High Beam Assist.


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