W205 Puddle Light Activation

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May 3, 2013
Stone staffordshire
2016 S205 C220 AMG Line Estate
Hello it seems I have LED bulbs fitted puddle light under the door mirrors on my c220 W205. Do these have to activated or sit her on as I cannot get them to illuminate?
They are cameras. Do you have the 360 camera?
Go in to the car settings on the comand unit and to ambient light settings for the external.

This setting when on should light both door mirrors and all door handles.

Not sure if this is model dependant tho so not sure if entry models have such features.
Switching the locator lighting on/off
If you switch on the Locator illumination function, the exterior lighting is switched on for a short time when it is dark. The light switch must be set to Auto (see the vehicle Owner's Manual).
The exterior lighting remains on for 40 seconds after the vehicle is unlocked. When you start the engine, the locator lighting is switched off and automatic headlamp mode is activated.

To call up Vehicle settings more.
To select Locator illumination : turn and press the controller.
Press the controller.
The function is switched on or off, depending on the previous status.
You can find further information on locator lighting in the vehicle Owner's Manual.


from: C-Class - Interactive Owner's Manual
JBD said:
They are cameras. Do you have the 360 camera?

No I don't have the 360 camera option.

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