W207 brake bleeding help please

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Mar 24, 2023
North west
Hi all. I have a 2012 e220 Coupe. The brake fluid warning appeared and discovered a small hole in the hard brake line just above the Flexi union in the front right wheel. So I ordered a new Flexi and retaining clip and a flaring tool and some unions. I have made a successful repair and the hard line is now fine but I can't get the brakes to bleed. No pressure at the pedal to push the fluid through. I have read I might need a code tool to tell the abs valve to open. Can anyone help? Which tool will do the job? Many thanks in advance.
Watch this video .But if you have SBC brakes then doing this job will be a whole new ball park . You will need a scaner
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Thanks so much. It's not an SBC I don't think as too late .There is just no pressure at the pedal and no fluid coming out
I had a similar problem recently with my 2010 A207. I used a vacuum bleeder kit which did the trick. I would check the other front corner too, the pipe is very exposed where it exits the wheel arch protector to the flexible pipe mounting bracket. Can't understand why they didn't protect this bit from road rash but there you go. Didn't cost much from Amazon:
Just got it sorted. The pressure bleed kit did the trick. Took a long while and at first didn't think it would work. Thanks for help. Cheers all

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