W208 AMG 1999 Front bumper

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Stray Cat

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Oct 19, 2015
CLK 320 W208
Hi Guys
I've got a 1999 W208 clk320 AMG. It's been lowered and the front bumper was previously damaged when I got it. Now I've managed to split it in my works yard and although I've done a temporary repair it's going to need a new bumper section. Thing is I'm getting a bit confused as to what will actually fit it; AMG bumpers are as rare as rocking horse sh*t! First thing I thought of was an E class bumper (W210) but I've been told it's a completely different front end. Looks identical to me!
Now I need to know if a 1999 W208 body is any different from a 2001 W208?
And will a standard W208 (1999 or 2002 on) physically fit mine?
Mine also has the washer system but I can do without that.
Every MB part dealer or seller gives me a different answer! Very annoying!
I really don't mind downgrading to a standard as I'm sure I'll have the same problems with another AMG low front end!
Any help much appreciated guys.

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