W208 Auto gearbox Reversing Light switch

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Jan 6, 2007
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No reversing lights and all fuses intact no voltage at boot connector and wiring on hinge harness all good
I have a 1999 CLK 430 with the tiptronic 5 speed and my reversing lights are dead no 12v at the boot lighting connector and my sidemirror does not roll down to look at the kerb so it looks like its pointing to either the switch or the 12v supply to the switch I have removed the trim above the gear selector and can see the wire harness going into the front `
on this post https://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/...0-intermittent-reversing-lights-sorted.45900/ talks about 7 wires and I have 10 and no Grey (12v input to switch ) and grey green output from switch
but I have no grey and no gry and green and have 10 wires not 7
could it be green and green white on mine as they look like they run together
10 wires going in
1 Brown
2 Black / red
3 White
4 green white
5 green
6 Blue White
7 red / purple
8 Black / white
9 Grey /Yellow
10 Blue Black

i need a wiring diagram to work out which ones are the reversing light switch input / output

It feels quite sticky down there as if somethings been spilt at some time so maybe the reversing light switch is gummed up
I changed the selector back in 2015 when it was in limp mode and no gear display on the Dash
looks like selector out clean up
Not sure if i can get at the switch to attempt to clean the contacts ?
also not sure if the switch is replaceable on these later tiptronic selectors Ive a feeling its built in to the selector module ?
if not it looks like another gearbox module required at least its a fairly easy change
or if i can identify the wires jus t add a switch to the console to switch the reversing lights on manually ( they dont have to be automatically switched for the MOT on a 1999 car ) tho a cheap selector module probably easier and less faffing
Id put money on it being a faulty gear selector.
Id put money on it being a faulty gear selector.
Agreed Olly, Same here, I think the big clue is passenger mirror doesnt roll down and funnily enough after not working it rolled down the other night and the reversing lights came on ( a one off ) not sure if its cleanable with contact cleaner ? as it looks sticky on top of the selector somethings been spilt at some time , going to remove it and have a look other than that its a replacement shifter module from a breaker ( 2nd time around as i fitted a 2nd hand one in 2015 :eek: ) seem to be anything from £80-£150 on ebay cant afford a new one from merc the priority is wings and bodywork at the moment as the M113 4.3 and the designo interior is still lovely

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