W208 CLK 320 Suspension refresh - what to replace?

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May 17, 2009
My Clk320 (yr2000) at 100,000 miles is feeling a bit loose at the front end and ride and handling not what they used to be so want to do a refresh - what needs replacing?

Shocks - (any OK budget alternatives to Bilstein?)
Lower control arm - bushes and ball joint
Track rod ends.
Steering damper - already done.

what else?

Scrap track rod ends and replace the entire (drag link) this comes with track rod ends, probably wouldn't worry about shocks at that mileage, and then replace what is left in your list and get it tracked.
Resurrecting my own old thread.

I jacked my car and wiggled the wheels side to side - there is a lot of play side to side. But i only replaced my complete steering drag link about 30k miles ago - is this normal?

Also are there different drag links for the CLK200/230 than for the 320? Looking on ebay and all the cheaper ones seem to list 200/2330 only.


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