W208 CLk Boot Lid Lock Issue

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Nov 11, 2023
W208 CLK430 Cabriolet
Previous member here, returning after several years.

I currently have a 2001 CLK430 cabriolet, and I have a problem with the boot lid, which isn't quite the same as all the other boot lid problems. :)

Alarm was going off randomly, so I removed fuse 2(?) from the fuses in the boot to try to disable the alarm. Boot is now locked... I can't open it on the key fob, or from the switch on the centre console (because I stupidly took out the fuse) and, naturally, the lock cylinder is seized. The battery is fine.

So I've drilled a 10mm hole in the boot lid, and I can get a hook in there to release the book lock, and the lid pops up about 5mm. The light on the switch on the console comes on to tell me the boot's open. However, my car has option 884 "Additional boot lid lock", and I suspect that's still locked, because I still can't open the boot.

I can find almost nothing about the additional boot lid lock on the internet, but I'm assuming it's electrically actuated, so I'm hoping that pulling one or all of underbonnet fuses 8, 9 and 17 will cause that additonal lock to open.

Can anyone here provide any real-world experience or expertise as to how I might get the trunk open? I feel that even making big holes in the bodywork won't help as long as that additional lock is still locked.

Many thanks.

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