w208 clk Engine Light on P0101 error code? any help/advice?

Discussion in 'Engine' started by Jaz85, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Jaz85

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    Jan 6, 2017
    Mercedes CLK 230K
    Hi all,

    need some advice on a error code which is causing the engine management light to come on, ive taken it to a few garages and no help at all.

    Fault code:

    B2/5(Hot film mass air flow sensor),Plausibility error Mass air flow sensor/Throttle Valve (P0101)

    when the light first came on, i took it took a garage and was told i need to replace the air mass sensor, which i did, got a VOD siemens air flow mass from euro car parts got it changed and coded but the light came back on same day, then i took it to a independent Mercedes garage to get it put on the star machine to get a more accurate detail about the fault, i was told that some pipes might be clogged up and it needed to be cleaned out, anyways i got the code removed by the star machine but the light came back on, I've been driving it for like this for the last month or so, it drives fine idles fine i don't seem to see any actual fault with the car or the engine but i seem to be consuming a lot of fuel, the other day i thought i take it to a friend of mine who runs a garage just to get the light error removed thinking it might go away, unfortunately it came straight back on, also was told by my friend to add some petrol additive (wurth) and to fill up the tank using premium fuel i.e Vpower which should clear out the engine.

    Please anyone have any information about this issue, really stuck at a dead end, funny thing is every garage i take it too not sure just a guessing game.

    thanks in advance to any responses.


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