W208 CLK Haunted drivers window!

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Apr 13, 2012
W208 CLK 320 Convertible
Strange one this. The drivers window on my CLK conv will move on its own, seemingly quite random. It mainly goes down, sometimes in steps, sometimes all the way. It has occassionaly moved up too.
After driving, it can happen at stand still also. Moving the door can sometimes make it happen, or nudging the door harness to body can too, but not often. It also happens when I'm standing away from the car.
It's just weird! :dk:

A bit of background which might help...
The problem started when I got my car back from the workshop that replaced my door barrel and boot lock. I'm told the door doen't need to be stripped down to replace the barrel, so I've ruled out a newly disconnected plug inside the door.
The car has also had 2 new keys and has been re-coded by the local MB dealer.
Add to this, the car has been standing around a while and the battery has probably gone flat at least once.

I've tried to perform a window reset, just in case, and noticed that the first window up position on the switch has no effect. Fully depressing the switch will "auto up" the window.
The auto up and down appear to work fine, as does all windows operation when triggered by the roof of from external IR remote.

Next steps I'm thinking of trying:
I've read of a full reset that can be performed by disconnecting the battery for a while. No idea why that would help but it's an easy one to try.
Second, I suppose I start stripping the car down, starting from the door, looking for a bad connection or damage to the harness.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated as I'm pretty much guessing at the moment.
And now the passenger window just went down twice on its own, a few inches each time.
That's really thrown me as I thought each door had its own module.
Well, in the end the windows just sorted themselves out with no intervention from me. Using the car daily and no problems over the last week.

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