W208 clk320 rear interior light dome

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Stray Cat

New Member
Oct 19, 2015
CLK 320 W208
Hi Guys
Can anyone help me with this?...
Wanted to change the int. bulbs to LED but when I went to check the rear dome I stopped after removing the unit from the roof lining.
I've got the whole unit out of the lining but I don't see how the clear lens detaches fro the main unit. I've managed to release one part but that just holds a PCB. whatever is that for? I was only expecting a case with one or two bulbs! Anyway, the bulbs are still in another section of the unit with the clear lens still attached. I know what I'm like, I'll pull the wrong bit and break one or more of those 'oh so important' lugs that hold the whole thing together!
Any links to a video or decent instructions?
Thanks in advance,

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