W208 Instrument Cluster Backlight Problem

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Dec 22, 2006

When I am driving at night I dim the instrument cluster backlight down and it has always stayed that way when I switch the lights on.

Recently it has been comming on at its brightest when I start the car again after a short stop. I dim it down and it is fine until I make another short stop.

Have any of you guys had the same problem and managed to fix it? as it is now driving me mad!!

Oh the car is a 1998 CLK 320 if that helps.

Kind Regards and thanks
Hi there , just to say , don't be too disheartened if you don't get a reply in the next few days , normally you would , it's just it's the start of the holidays and i have noticed already a lot less people on here ...

Someone will know the answer though definately !

Good luck and welcome to the forum !
Many thanks - guessed this would be the best place to ask the question :)

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