W208 TIPT Gbox selector module Part nos?

Discussion in 'Engine' started by tjamesbo, Sep 16, 2015.

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    looks like My selector module has gone awol on the CLK 430 i had had trouble couple of years ago if car stood in cold/winter for a while it would not display gear and limit itself to 1st & 2nd until restarted from warm . However for the past 12mths its been fine no problems at all , but yesterday it stuck in park (luckily on my drive ) It fires up with no warnings and no malfunctions but just wont go out of park having perused threads on this subject pertinent info seems to be Does it display the gears in the pixels ?
    No the display which is intact is a clear block ie no PRND etc displayed .
    It seems in these cases to be unlikely to be the Brake switch module (although at only £13 I have ordered one and will fit it ) so similar posts point to the Gearbox selector Module as the most likely culprit so Fit a new one or one from a breaker ? that is my current dilemma ( New from Merc with 10% comes out at £474 inc VAT) They give the part number as MA202 267 08 24
    I Believe the part is a 202 part but it is TIPTRONIC on mine even though its a 99 car I have seen 202 267 054 as being from a LHD CLK 430 any idea why the different part nos ( avantgarde or elegance trim ???? )
    and any tips on removal ? believe the hard bit is uncoupling the rod underneath how is this done ?


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