W209 (2005) multimedia change

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Sep 9, 2016
W209 - 2.7 CDI
Dear all,

I have a 2005 W209 - facelifted and I am looking for an upgrade for my Audio20.
A friend told me that he bought an Android multimedia and it flooded one of the CAN modules so the car was not able to start and therefore I was looking for NTG 2.0 or 2.5 but what I saw was not really pleasant.
* Both of the multimedias do not support Bluetooth unless you have a phone system in the car. I have a phone system, but I have to buy a BT module for it. Even if I buy a module, there is no way I change the songs from the Multimedia, which means that I have to buy a module with wired remote control and I definitely do not want to do this.

So I am looking for a decent multimedia or options on what to do.
Main reason - I want to start the car, start my spotify and then leave the phone, I want to change the songs from the multimedia and I definitely do not want any additional wires/buttons in my CLK.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
An AUX cable would make me change the songs from my phone, not the multimedia :(
I thought you said you were going to stream them from spotify? Would any interface let you change songs from the multimedia unit if streaming from spotify?

Have a look at Dension 500 gateway, not sure how it works for streaming, but will definitely give you control on an ipod.
Hmm, on the W203 I bought an aftermarket Pioneer and it is changing the songs like crazy. It really doesn't matter if it's Spotify or the regular Music app, I just want the control through the multimedia.
Latest aftermarket systems would have the latest technology, and most likely be able to achieve what you want to achieve.

So options are Desnsion 500 with a Comand unit or something like an aftermarket Pioneer or Alpine unit.
Thank you very much for this Dension thingy.
Does someone know if I can trust HiFiMax for example? It's an aftermarket multimedia with Android.

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