W209 CLK Brake vibrations - again - want to fit AMG brakes

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Dec 8, 2016
W211 2004 E270 AMG; W215 2001 CL55 AMG (For sale); W209 CLK 320Cdi (breaking)
Hi all

I have an issue (again) with vibration under braking on my CLK. You guys were helpful with my turbo issues last time so here goes

To cut a long story short, I had severe vibrations issues on 2008 CLK 320CDi Brabus D6 when braking from speeds above 60mph, but could still feel right down to stop. Which resulted in me changing both discs, pads and both calipers. Vehicle was fine for month or two, but vibration returned again. Unfortunately the car was then written off last year by a van swerving and rolling on top of it, before I was able to investigate further.
I loved my CLK, so I purchased another one, again CLK 320Cdi, this time 2007 model. Similar mileage etc etc. Was fine when I picked it up, and the service history had front discs and pads changed about 3000 miles ago. Now, after a month or so of driving... the brake vibration is back. As a result I haven't yet fitted the Brabus kit, but even without its no slouch.
Now I freely admit I'm heavy footed, on both pedals. So as this is the second vehicle this has happened on, I have come to the conclusion that the standard brake package is just not up to par - or at least my tendancy to drive at 120mph. I did search for a AMG sport package on the replacementcar , but couldn't locate one with Elegance trim, I loathe the Aluminium look of the Sport version.

So, is this a common issue with standard brakes on W209's? I see some messages on here from several years ago regarding this, but apart from recommendations to change the hubs and torque the wheels correctly, nothing definite.

If I wanted to change to the Sport Package brakes, or something from the bigger engine variety is this possible without changing the struts? Also, will it require the master cylinder changed if bigger calipers are fitted? I have no desire to spend £££ on new parts only to have the problem re-occur.

Thanks in advance
I'm pretty sure that the AMG brakes only came on AMG models or part of the "Sport" trim (hence your not finding them with Elegance trim).

I've got the AMG calipers, so my saying that I've never noticed this problem means nothing (sorry).

I don't think the struts nor master cylinder need changing; it should be a like-for-like replacement, but you may also need bigger discs to go with them. Since you're supposed to be able to fit 17" winter tyres over them, the size shouldn't be an issue either... except that when I tried to fit the winter tyres they were touching the calipers so I had to put a 5mm spacer in.
This vibration you are feeling must be down to your driving style. I drive in a fairly spirited way and have never ever had vibrations when braking.
I think you must be warping your discs.
BTW, owning up to driving around at 120mph isn't the smartest move on an open forum.
Does your car have drilled discs? A previous 211 which I owned had bad brake vibration and the dealer replaced the front discs, which cured it for a while. The vibration was, however, starting to return a couple of years later. Its replacement (another 211) has non drilled disks and I've never experienced any brake vibration at all in the 5+ years that I've owned it. My latest acquisition is an E63 AMG which has drilled and grooved discs - there's pronounced vibration during high speed braking (but not from 120mph!). My conclusion is that drilled discs are more susceptible to warping, for whatever reason, so probably best avoided if you can.
The drilled discs go with the AMG brakes don't they?

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