W209 mid-face Xenon headlights

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Sep 9, 2016
W209 - 2.7 CDI
Hello guys,

I recently bought OEM Xenon headlights for my CLK and I plan to retrofit these. I also bought the cables from the front and rear axle. However, I am not sure what should I do now.
On the right headlight, there are 3 sockets - 4 pins, 5 pins and 6 pins. My original connector is with 5 pins. I already tested the headlights on my car (with xenon present=yes) and they are working, however, I need to ask what are these sockets for. I am attaching a picture of another headlight, but the sockets are the same (different location though). Could you be able to assist?


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Extra sockets for the auto-levelling?
So there are two sockets for auto leveling?
Correct two sockets for auto-levelling on the RH unit, just the one on the LH unit
Thanks mate!

Could you tell me or at least point me where can I look what to connect there?
The man that sold me the xenons provided me with cables that go from the front axle to the front SAM and I do not know where to get the cables for these two sockets?

edit: just spoke to them, they will provide me with the cables to the headlights as well. I guess I will be able to connect the wires :)
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Does that include "active lighting" or whatever they call it?

No 'active lighting' or anything fancy on the 203/209 xenons.

Cornering lights are taken care of using the fog lamps.
Option 616 - "Bi-xenon headlamp with Active Curvelight" ?

I thought using the fog lamps was 619 - "Cornering Illumination".

They're both on my datacard.
Same here, mine turn with the steering on my 209 (only when the car is being driven), and also the daft fog lamp fading in and out on the appropriate side too
Apologies, my mistake :eek:
Is it possible that this was a "facelift" change and the earlier ones didn't do it?
Certainly the 203 never had Active curve headlamps.

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