W209 Seat Belt Presenter

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May 21, 2003
Since owning my W209, when I get out of the car I have to manually place the seatbelt buckle upto the top of the mech otherwise it gets jammed behind the seat rendering the presenting mech pointless.

Am I missing something? it happens on both sides of the car and every passenger that gets in has to get out again to find the belt buckle.

Spoke to Rashman about this when I was at his and it said it doesnt happen on his and I couldnt see any diffences with the belts. (that might be because he actually needs to drive his car ;) ).

Surely the buckle shouldnt be able to move that much?
Just checked mine.

There is a nylon 'button' in the belt webbing which stops the buckle dropping from the presenter by more than about an inch.
This means that when the presenter pushes the buckle out it sits just behind the right shoulder.
Thanks, mine doesnt have any!?!

Any other pre-facelift owners confirm theres are the same?

What a stupid cost cutting example
My prefacelift has the "buttons".
They should all have them. Used to fit loads in the dealer where people shut them in the door and they get broken.

You can get them from mercs. Only a couple of quid.

Easy to fit. Just need a soldering iron. Put the button through the seatbelt place other side on then heat up and melt the peg sticking out to secure.
Excellent I was thinking making a hole would cause a tear in time.

I'll go and get some from stealers. Stupid at the moment!
Cheers mate. Of to mb Cambridge in the morn :)
Hi, Karl - I make it 58 cm from the very end of the webbing (where it goes round the chrome guide on the floor) to the centre of the button.
Useful info, I never thought of replacing the missing ones. I went into MB Taunton and bought one this morning. Cost £3.24.
Just fitted mine with the aid of a soldering iron :) £5.83 for the pair. (I get trade prices ;) )

Funnily enough, 58cm up on each side there was a tiny hole.

Now working perfect, seat belt no longer disappears into the abyss!

Thanks to all for the help :D

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