W209 shifter removal

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Aug 4, 2012
R230, 2009 SL350 AMG
Just thought I'd drop a post, I recently had the issue with the car not appearing to know what gear it was in, not being able to move the shifter up and down through PRND and no gear or mode showing on the dash.
Scanner showed P0705, transition range. I sourced a complete shifter from a popular auction site.... For £99.
The main focus here is removal, I tried but could not find a definitive answer to being able to remove entirely from inside the car.
So I had a go and, yes you can, really easily as it happens.
In fact once I had the new part it was fitted, inside all assembled, tools away and on a test drive in 30 mins. 👍😁 Happy days.
Hope this helps someone else looking for the same answer.

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