W209 Telephone Pre-Wiring


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Jan 11, 2006
CLK 240 Avantguard Cabriolet

I'm hoping someone can help me please ??. I've just traded in my SLK for a 53 reg CLK Cabriolet (non-Comand). The CLK comes with telephone pre-wiring and there is a cradle in the armrest serial number A 171 820 04 51 which is for an old Nokia 6210 mobile phone. My Nokia is newer (6230i) so I went onto eBay and found a suitable cradle serial number B67 87 5846. My mobile plugs into it OK, starts charging and also displays a little car symbol on it, however when I go to access the phone via the steeringwheel buttons the dashboard display says "NO PHONE". Am I doing something wrong :confused: ???, or are the newer phone cradles not compatable with older cars ???. If there is anyone out there in the know and can point me in the right direction to get a phone working in my car I would be very grateful.


David :)

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