W209 wiring in ballast repair kit

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Oct 20, 2016
W220 S500 AMG sport
Hi All

My car is a 2003 clk500, it’s fitted with factory xenons

Need some help my passenger side headlight has a fault in the wiring, ive changed the ballast twice and it fails after a few hours, bulbs are fine.

so now i’ve bought a ballast kit, which i’ll bypass the headlight ballast with its own and has a plug which will fit xenon bulb, but i need to wire it for power. there are 2 plugs going into headlight and i need a power/ground, but which wires do i tap power from, please help.

I used a kit like this before on my old bmw and was great, just need to power it
Are you sure the igniters are ok?

The 2003 CLKs were fitted with igniters which did not provide enough voltage.
Mb released a retrofit kit to install new igniters without disassembling the headlamp.
I had to do this on mine, cost of the kit was £150 per headlight.
i’ve been told ignitors are ok, seems to be fault in the wiring as it keeps shorting out new ballasts i fit.
you want to power the replacement kit i have from wiring going into headlight, then all should be ok, but need to know which exact wire i need to tap for positive/negative. any photos from anyone would be a big help

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any other thoughts please?
or can anyone recommend anyone in nottingham to fix this for me

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