W210 4matic steering

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Sep 13, 2013
Höganäs, Sweden
'06 C 220 CDI, '07 E 280 T CDI

I’ve got a 2001 E430 T 4matic. Lovely car, pulls like a train and just under 125,000 miles. It’s been well looked after all its life, I’ve had it for almost two years.

I’ve replaced both front and rear suspensions with as new ones, sand blasted and powder coated, along with new springs, all bushes, control arms, virtually everything that is possible to replace including wheel bearings and front shocks. Yes, it’s been bloody expensive.

I’ve had it aligned by a a competent specialist, and apart from a little more negative camber than prescribed on the rear left wheel it’s supposedly spot on.

It drives a lot better now than before, but I cannot refer from thinking it should be even better. I’ve just had RWD 210:s before, and I think the steering is a bit vague in a straight line, it’s a bit like a Volvo, needing small corrections now and then, and it doesn’t feel as planted and sure footed as I want it to.

Am I being overly critical, or is it the AWD playing things up?

Yes, the tyres are next up for replacement, I’ve got a set of 2,5 mm quite old Continentals now, how much difference could that make?

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