W210 - Brakes kaput

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Aug 23, 2010
W210 Estate - 3000TD - 1999 -112K miles.

I think I've done something stupid (very).
I was cleaning the brake light holders/bulbs as they tend to oxidise/arc over time and bring about the dreaded bulb warning light.

All was re-assembled and I started the car and operated the brakes to test for brake light malfunction. Brake lights worked perfectly but....

The brake pedal seemed a little spongy so I pumped the pedal harder to see if the resistance increased - it did. Switched off engine and repeated the process - brake lights OK and brake pedal spongy but hardened up as pedal neared floor.

Thought all OK. Returned to car 4 hours later. Turned on engine. ' Brake Fluid Light ' warning came on immediately. Tested brake pedal...no resistance.

Checked brake fluid reservoir - no fluid. Not just ' low' ...no fluid.

Looked for leak around master cylinder; can see nothing. Haven't jacked up car yet to look underneath (wet & rainy!) for missing fluid & perished hose. Have since filled up the brake fluid reservoir, started car, no warning light but no brakes at all, but no change in brake fluid level in reservoir.

I'd appreciate advice from the more experienced at to likely fault, how to confirm & then I can think about rectifying.

Thanks in advance...

It sounds like either you have a corroded brake line that has let go, a union that has let go or a flexi that is leaking (less likely).

You need to get the car jacked up and inspect properly and replace what is the issue along with any other suspect lines.
Thanks Guys.

Yes its a relief it was stationary; but how did I loose all the fluid with no warning light, ever ? Has it leaked into the servo or ...?

I don't have a jack & stands to safely get underneath it yet. But an inspection by torch says no visible leaks at wheel slaves or on the ground by the inside of the wheels.

There's a small amount of fluid at the bottom of the engine compartment that houses the reservoir ( a previous spill ?)...but I'd expect much more fluid.

Get car jacked up and inspect lines from reservoir back to wheels is next on list.
At least it happened on the drive :) and not at 70mph down the road:wallbash:

As happened to Mrs Dm when on the way to collect me from Hospital...

She phoned me and I said "keep driving"...

Then I phoned the insurance Co...
You've got to laugh.

Question - Who puts a right angle in a brake line ?
Answer - Mercedes Benz.

The W210.225 rear brake lines run up over the rear axle. To locate them in the body shell recess they have right angles put into the lines. That's where they eventually fail. A design weakness. And not really very visible from underneath. Look for the tell-tale fluid leak.

& Yes... you do have to drop the axle/suspension to replace the pipe...it cant be fed through. £250 for cash.
You can feed it through. 2-3 hours max

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