W210 Dashboard backlight

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May 31, 2007
2000 w reg estate
Lamp failure warning came up, thought it would be the brake lamp as usual. However it wasn't until I drove at night that I realised it was the dashboard backlight.
Got the cluster out and changed the two relevant bulbs. However problem is not solved. I did notice that when I took out the 2 bulbs, the centre console backlight came on, or at least only one did. The radio is also not illuminated. When the bulbs were in the console backlight did not come on.
So my deduction is that all these bulbs are in the same circuit and one is out they all go out? Therefore change bulb behind console?
I thought lamp failure warning was for external lights. Mine comes on because of the usual duff brake lamp holder. But it has never come on for an internal lamp failure. If the warning lamp is coming on during the day, then surely this rules out dashboard lamps since ( iirc ) the dashboard lamps do not come on except with the external lamps being on also.
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Good point. Will check all other lamps. However dashboard backlight still not working. Could be coincidence. Checked fusebox but will check again
Have checked fuses - all seem ok.
Have repalced a buld behind the heating control dial.
Have taken out dashboard and replaced both 2w bulbs, but still not working - all the other 1.3 bulbs working ok

I have the following observations: if the lights are on as well as the dashboord backlights not working the centre console (ie Heating controls) not illuminated. If ignition off and i press the button to carry on heating the car then the centre cosole lights work.
Also the radio is not illuminated at all

Any ideas?
Sounds like a poor earth somewhere.

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