W210 E Class - Can the halogen be replaced with xenon?

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Feb 14, 2012
W210 E200 Kompressor
Hello all

Just a question thats been bugging me. Can one replace the halogen headlights on the 210 E-Class with xenon headlights? Does the wiring and/or plugs differ?

You can't just swap a halogen bulb for a xenon bulb if that's what you mean.

Xenon bulbs run on about 85v and take about 20,000v to ignite, so they have a ballast, and other electrics accompanying them. It's why they cost more as an option.

You might be able to acquire the whole kit and retrofit it, though.
If facelift, you can remove the headlamps and replace with Xenon ones. They are plug and play. The only thing that will not work is the auto leveling feature unless you obtain 2x level sensors (one for front and one for back) and the correct harnesses for them.

You can manually adjust them so they will work fine.

Might be the same for a Pre-facelift but I have not tried it so cannot comment
For peace of mind you might want to check the legality and/MOT situation, as OE fit has to have, I believe, both self levelling and also headlight washers.

Opinions differ on whether these also apply to aftermarket fits, hence my suggestion to check, and also with your insurers, if you don't have the lot.

A proper retrofit will probably cost more than the car is worth by the time you are done with headlights, wiring etc. Going down the HID kit route is the other option, but frowned upon by many on the forum. And it is not approved by most insurers, though some don't care as much. Legality is another question.
The retrofit isn't too bad as they already have the washers.

You need the headlamps anyway so the extras are 2x level sensors and a couple of harnesses. There is actually a WIS on this. With 2nd hand parts it's very doable
Thanks for your reply. Just to clarify. I have a pair of genuine xenon headlights assemblies and wanted to fit them to my car as currently halogen headlights are fitted and I personally like the look of the xenon units.
Thanks! Sorry but I should have mentioned this in my original post. I have a pair of genuine xenon headlights units and wanted to install them on my car in place of the halogen headlights currently fitted. Would you think that would work?

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