W210 E300 diesel non starter

Discussion in 'Engine' started by prnd, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. prnd

    prnd New Member

    Oct 24, 2008
    My E300 will not turn the starter
    Its a 96 model with no electrics in the key
    the ign switch works okay and the car was running absolutely fine until only a few days ago.
    The first time it happened the ign lights came on but when you turned the key to start nothing happaned, no sounds at all. i checked the gear lever was in P took it out of P into N still nothing. I checked all the fuses and found FUSE 5 beneath the rear seats was blown.
    I replaced the fuse with a spare 30A and she started perfectly.
    The same sequence repeated itself a day or so later.
    Then the other day the starter would not turn outside the house, so i checked Fuse 5 which had blown again and replaced it but still nothing. Any suggestions??
    I shall get a voltmeter on each side of the fuse
    i shall also try a voltmeter on the starter
    i looked up FUSE 5 to try to establish the fault and it seems the fuse operates the radio and the central locking?
    I replaced the K40 relay about 12 months ago but i will swap it back to check.
    any help appreciated.

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