W210 e320


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Jan 17, 2009
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Looks like a nice car , its got a good spec too .

Would be worth checking the front spring mounts ,these can sheer off more so on the larger engined cars


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Aug 29, 2003
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The places where rust shows are around the wheel arches and around the boot lock. From a distance it is not that obvious on the panels, but if you have a really close look at them it usually starts as a small, spidering effect underneath the paintwork. The place where it is less obvious is under the rubber seals along the tops of the door frames. You need to go along each door frame and peel the rubber back to look underneath.

When I had a 210, the first thing I did was to peel that back and coat the whole length of the frame with waxoyl, and when I got rid of it four years later there was still not the slightest sign of rust under the rubber seals. Unfortunately, by that time it had rust everywhere else, so got rid of the car.

The car in the advert does look very nice, but it describes it as a "Mercedes-Benz E 320 Avantg", which would normally come with birds-eye maple wood trim (black). The wood in the picture is clearly not black, and looks like that typically seen with the elegance spec, unless the specs are different in Germany. Nothing wrong with either spec, but the elegance has a slightly softer suspension that the avantgarde, which not everyone likes.
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