W210 E320CDI Headlights/Fog Lights and ABS/ESP/BAS

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Jan 27, 2011
Rossendale, Lancashire
S210 E320CDI
I'm having a problem where the driver side headlight is intermittent. Sometimes it will work, other times it wont.

When I bought the car a few weeks ago the front fog lights wouldn't work, and it states on the service history from a few years ago 'Front Fog Lights Inoperable'. However I tried them earlier today and for the first time ever they worked! (Prior to this I assumed the wiring had gone which I believe is a common fault on the W210's)

I'm also having problems with the BAS/ESB/ABS light. I've changed the Brake Light Switch and the problem is still there. Sometimes I will get the warning lights and other times it will be fine.

Could the actual light switch itself be at fault here, or are the problems unrelated?
Thanks :)
Check the earth point behind the offside headlamp inside the engine bay...a bunch of brown wires. The point can corrode...and lead to all sorts of problems.
Still not had any luck with lights. Front fogs havent worked again since and the front parking lights arent working either.

ABS/ESP/BAS came on again last week a couple of times but haven't seen it again since.

Cleaned up the earth point and put a new bolt in it. Still no difference.

Any more ideas?

Thanks again :)

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