W210 engine into W124

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Dec 29, 2007
Mercedes W124 3.6 AMG Conversion
Hi guys & gals ,

Sorry have not posted much on here but been busy at work. Anyway hoping someone might be able to shed some light on a subject for me. My uncle owns a 1992 w124 300d , what I would like to know is how easy would it be to fit or adapt a 320 cdi engine from a w210 or a e300 turbo diesel w210 engine into a w124.

has anyone done this on the forum?

would anyone attempt it ?
many thanks
I think with the 320 CDI it will be near impossible without the donor car... You will need to transplant everything from sam units, ECU's, ignition system etc..
the more i think about it the more I think it cant be done.

E300 engine would fit much easier.
It would be easier to turbocharge the existing engine if he wants more power.

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