W210 Exhaust + Valance & Engine undertray

Chris Merc E320

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Mar 17, 2008
E 320 cdi Avantgarde 5 door,W208 Clk 4.3 V8, BMW E30 325i Cabriolet
Due to time waster :confused:still looking for 2000 W210 320 cdi Avantgarde estate parts:-

  • Rear exhaust (back box)
  • Undertray for valance and Engine
  • Comand 2 unit
  • Set of new lower O/E wishbones (N/S & O/S) (seen thread on forum know about discount code etc)
  • Set bottom ball joints N/S & O/S

Long shot but some parts may be lurking in dark areas of someones garage.

Thanks, if you have parts please e mail me as it avoids one or two lazy vultures who cannot be bothered to advertise for their own needs but rely on others who genuinely need parts.

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