W210 Facelift Wing Mirrors + Mirror Housing - URGENT

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Jan 20, 2012
UK & Hungary
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Mine were stolen earlier this week. Too the whole unit from each side, I'm only left with 2 loose cables/plugs on each side.

Thought I'd ask the UK MB community before going on fleabay.

I know its a long shot and I'm probably going to have to settle with whatever color I can get and have paint done at a later date - paint fade doesn't help getting an exact match either - anyhow, if I don't look/ask I wont find/gey.

looking for a pair of wing mirrors with housing, preferably in color code 744 but open to any color ( I'm desperate ), must be face lift, folding, heated, auto dim ( preferably ), auto tilt on reverse

Interested in just housing and mirrors as separate items too. Let me know what you have.

My car isn't drive-able anymore and time is against me. I live outside of the UK but I'm back in the UK at end of next week so would need to be shipped to the midlands no later than Saturday morning ( 8th Nov ).

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I think I might have pair, I,ll have a look in the next day or two and let you know.
I have a manual folding mirror if it's any help. There is a small amount of bleeding on the mirror glass but the cover is in good condition. If it's any use to you let me know, you can have it for £10.

Won't they be different for RHD to LHD cars?
@91dm - pm sent

@neilrr - car is RHD
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