W210 headlamp wash leak - potentially expensive?

Discussion in 'Engine' started by jukie, May 22, 2012.

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    MY2000 E320. Water is leaking from the back of my off-side headlamp wash and draining the reservoir every time I fill it up. I can feel the leak and it's coming from something solid as opposed to a hose. It's dripping directly onto the "tray" underneath the radiator & pulleys, etc. Hopefully that gives people an indication of the location!

    Has anyone encountered a such a leak before? If so, hoe serious/costly might it be?

    TIA, David.
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    The leak will more than likely be from the seal at the rear of the black torpedo-like jet units that spray the water on to the headlamps.
    I can't remember if the seal is an o-ring or not, but should be easily fixable with a glue gun or similar IIRC.
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