W210 OM606 overheating

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Jun 16, 2021
co.fermanagh NI
mercedes w210 E300TD
hi my w210 developed another problem and i dont want to give it up yet, engine started overheating after i accelerated from a junction when the car is idling it wont overheat but when im driving under 3k rpm it will eventually start overheating or when the engine is heated to normal temp if i accelerate over 3k rpm the temp nearly instantly climbs up to 120c also i noticed a leak in radiator near the plastic tank which i fixed after installing the radiator back there was no leaks untill the engine started overheating again and started leaking again, I have tried taking thermostat out of car and driving it still was same, i checked it in boiling water and seems to function as it should so i installed it back, I beleave the clutch fan seems to work ok and i dont see any leaks or funny noises from the water pump, anyone got any ideas of what i should do next or what may be the problem? i dont want to bring it to a local mechanic again after last problem it had paid more that the car is worth. thanks
I would suggest the first thing to do would be to get a sniff test done to eliminate any possibility of a head gasket issue.
I thought about head gasket but water is clean no mixing, smoke etc soo I besides to take the water pump out and behold theres my problem


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