W210 specific wheel fitment

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Jun 28, 2015
Suzuki GSXR 1000
Hi all, hoping to get some info on wheel fitment, I have scanned the 'fitment guide' on this forum and to be honest ... just a little confused! I have a 2001 w210 e class 240 elegance and have a set of replica AMG V1 alloys 8.5 x 18 35mm offset which I was going to refurb, I had them trial fitted at my wifes place of work (Vauxhall dealership) and they said they were far too close fitting to the arches and with tyres on ... would be a defo no no! they also said that they are m14 fitting and my hubs are m12! so all in all I'm a bit miffed.
Question is .... what exact dimensions of wheel will fit straight on to my car in 18''? do they need to be staggered? and what is the ideal/perfect offset front and rear to ensure a trouble free fit? i don't want to mess with spacers/wobble bolts/special bolts/spigot rings etc: or any other bodge.
Any info at all would be very much appreciated especially pics :D

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