w210 stalling / die's after a few miles

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Sep 23, 2004
My w210 E240 has recently on a few occasions just died while in traffic - its a bit emabrassing as it won't restart for a few minutes.

Have thought it may be poor fuel and have refilled with Shell, and added a fuel injector cleaner.

But could it be something else?? - ££££


When that happened to mine, it was the fuel pump cutting out. I also believe that a faulty knock sensor will stop the supply of fuel.
If there are no other symptoms and it cuts out at running temp then can be restarted after about 20mins it is probably the crankshaft position sensor.Do a search for previous threads.
I had a similar problem in my W210. Engine used to cut out randomly and would not start again unless left for around half an hour? Turned out to the Crank Position Sensor. Had that replaced and have had not problems since.
Quite easy to replace yourself. Its located at the rear of the engine (on a M112 engine near the bulkhead)

Hope that helps.
Yes - Crank Position Sensor, now replaced.
Glad you got it sorted. Did you replace the sensor yourself?

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