W210 Standard Equipment

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Jun 23, 2013
TVR Chimaera 450
im looking for an E320 CDI Estate circa '00 - 02

does anyone know what the standard equipment is on the facelifted W210 Estate (ok S210 if your pedantic) - I did try the search facility but didn't have much luck
Avantgarde spec has most things you need - what are you particularly concerned about?

My extras are Comand, folding child seats on the boot and sports suspension. Leather, alloys, electric windows, electric seats, cruise are all standards. Only things I can see mine doesn't have are Linguatronic, fancy aircon, memory seats and xenon lights
thanks shiny

so cruise is standard then ?
reason I ask is that Parkers suggests it was an option even on an Avantgarde.

Something else I read on a forum was that Avantgarde models all have xenons, but that seems wrong too
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Xenon headlamps were not standard
I think Cruise control was standard on all levels of W/S210's

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