W211 2003 Estate Airmatic - Wheel Fit Question

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    Jan 20, 2012
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    E320 CDI ( S210 & S211 )
    my car has airmatic all round. Does airmatic make any difference to space in the wheel well or not ?

    I'm looking at fitting some SL wheels to my S211:

    8.5J ET35 255/40/18
    9.5J ET40 285/35/18

    I've looked at the chart in the sticky and see the fronts have been fitted as has the rear wheel and tyre size but the list doesn't show any ET higher than 35 for the rear.

    I've found posts that relate to W211 AMG models of same year which all said these will be ok but again I don't know if AMG cars have the same space in the wheel well as my non AMG with airmatic.

    I suspect the easiest way out is an adapter to bring these to ET 35 but I've no experience with adapters and if they are a sensible to use.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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