W211 (2005) Mirror Indicator light replacement

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Mar 3, 2012
W211 280 CDi -OM642- Engine
Hello to you all,

My left mirror indicator got cracked, ordered a new one on ebay but it has a bulb attached which appears to be completely unnecessary, also I don't know where it`s supposed to go? -please see picture-

Also, if this happens to you, you can very easily remove the mirror cover with a flat screw driver, the shell comes away along with the indicator. On YouTube some people go in from the mirror side which is a load of work and not needed. I hope someone may know what this odd bulb is for, its not on the original part. Thank you so much in advance .

Left blinker.jpg
Interested to know the answer to this as I have a spare one of these that also has the extra bulb.

@W1ghty or any of the other W211 owners have an idea?
As far as I am aware, the puddle light can be on pre facelift and facelift 211's


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It is the wrong part for your car, you could just return in and get the right one.
I believe I had the bulb on mine and just removed it ..no issue.

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