W211 bulbs upgrade didn't go well...

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Nov 9, 2014
Mercedes W212 E350 AMG Bluetec Night Edition Premium Plus
I decide to upgrade bulbs on my car. Replace the normal ones with LEDs... I manage to swap fog lights,number plate lights,doors,footwell... Next step the front indicators... Led's that should be error free as you can guess are not error free. Throw error on the display and the fog lights flashing as well as the indicators 😂 so back to old bulbs.
I thought that I might have more luck with the reverse light. Checked the bulbs on autobulbsdirect so what else can go wrong? Well everything... Remove the rear light just to notice that all the bulbs are different to those listed on the shop page :wallbash: PH16W ??? Never heard of them and I believe they can't be replaced with led's?
I believe that the only one I can replace are the front indicator If i find any that are working. Did someone replace them and can recommend led indicators that are actually working?

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