W211 corrosion in Sweden

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Aug 8, 2004
It does seem what first happens in sweden will in the long run be duplicated on cars here.Car makers do test for corrosion resistance in special heated chambers where salt water is sprayed onto cars over many weeks but there still seems to be a weakness on the MB production line in terms of protection compared with the likes of Saab,Audi,Lexus,volvo...


Thanks for the info BUT no surprise there what so ever.... :devil:

PS. All W211 owners make sure that you have FMBSH and get all your warranty books ready... :devil: :D ;) :p
There appears to be a discrepancy here. One of the people who has posted says about the rust around the lock on the boot:confused: mine's made of plastic and aluminium:confused: :confused:
The skin of the boot is aluminium and they are corroding at the skin to frame joint where water enters due to no seam sealer.
As an owner of a 2003 W203 with rust issues on the underside of the car (which dealer has inspected, has accepted as corrosion, says it is 'normal', and has declined my request to have it repaired under the MobiloLife scam), I can only smirk as I just read a 2003 W211 launch brochure and press release waxing on about the 'significantly improved quality' of the (then new generation) E Class.

What a load of B******s!

And yet again MB are stating that the 2006 E-Class has 'significant improvements' over the 2003 model.

Here we go again.

If you want an E-Class that live up to the true MB standards of quality without the marketing guff, and does not break out with tin worm rash at the first sign of rain, then buy a W124. I really mean it.

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