W211 Crash test today dummy!!!!

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Mar 23, 2013
Airdrie, Scotland
E220 CDI
Pulled into a car park space and just as l was getting out of the car BANG!!! a Vauxhall Corsa reversed into the corner of my rear bumper!:(
The Corsa looked liked it had had an grenade thrown at it, bumper, tailgate, light cluster and quarter panel all damaged.....trusty old Merc nothing but a light graze that l have T-Cut to nothing. Was amazed nothing was out of line.....wouldnt want to be involved in accident as a passenger in a Corsa thats for sure!
Modern cars will absorb a lot of damage externally in order to retain the structural integrity of the cabin and protect the passengers within.

The damage to the Corsa will have been superficial although rather disappointing (and expensive) for the owner after such a low-speed impact.

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