w211 creaking noises

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Craig L

New Member
May 23, 2014
Hello, i'm new on here & having problems with creaking noises from my 2007 e class 220 with approx 68000 miles. I can only describe it like someone bouncing on a creaking bed. Happens now & again when going over rough ground, turning up a slight incline & is quite loud. I have left it with the garage i bought it from & they are saying everythings ok with the suspension but can hear the noise? I only have it from Nov 13 & feel like handing it back to them ; (
Lower ball joints would be my guess. Jack the car up and see if there's any play in the front wheels. Are the garage familiar with MBs?
If any dust covers on the balljoint are torn then they lose the grease & get moisture in them & can creak.
I had ball joints go on mine - same symptoms - was a quick and easy fix.

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