w211 display faulty !!!!?

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Jul 14, 2015
mercedes 211
Hello guys.
My car shows "Display faulty visit workshop" , and there is Oil sign.

What does this mean ?
Maybe oil level is low .
Thanks in advance.
I checked the oil from menu and it says "add 1 liter".
But does it has to do with display faulty?
Make sure the car is on level ground and add 0.5ltr if it still shows add oil.
Then re check the level.

I'd be more worried driving with the oil level too low than a faulty display. You may find the message disappears after adding a little oil anyway.

If the faulty display message still shows, get it checked on Star.
Why doesn't show message "low level " or "check oil level" or Smth like that ?

Only when I check oil from the menu.
As far as I am aware and I had same problem with my W211 E55 Display faulty indicates a problem with communication between various CAM in car. Mine turned out after some considerable time looking to be a corroded board in the boot. It threw up many weird errors including oil, battery and SBC etc.

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