W211 dynamic seats

Discussion in 'Interior' started by flat6buster, Dec 11, 2018.

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    Sep 8, 2009
    C350e, 911sc, S320, E55K Estate
    I missed my old E55 so we have another but an estate this time. Very low miles at 35,000 but the extending cushions of the dynamic seats do not extend. Now I am blessed that after 15 years the pneumatics all seem to work OK, they pinch when cornering, all the lumbar works fine (for now), just the extending front part of the seat squabs do not extend. This is a bind as I am 6 foot and like under thigh saupport.

    Could this just be seized due to lack of use, or are there any other ideas folks might have before i either a) attack it with a spanner myself, or b) admit i'm a klutz and take it to the garage.

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