W211 E 220 cdi radio command problem

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Aug 30, 2020
W211 E class 220 cdi
Hi All,
I wonder if any members can help with an issue with my Command radio on a 2008 e-class 220cdi.
Suddenly without warning the radio stopped working yesterday, only the MB logo comes up on the screen but then shuts down after approx 20 seconds.
No radio stations, no sat nav, no DVD, and nothing works as this MB screen just shows up when switched on.
Nothing has been done to the car recently, Like a battery change or anything like that.
I checked the fuses on the driver-side compartment number 28 and changed the fuse with another 15amp in case it was that. also checked fuse no 6 in the boot which is 40amp and changed this for another 40amp.
Absolutely dumbfounded as to what it can be as everything else is working fine and never had a problem with the radio before.
Any ideas please?

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