W211 E280 sport tailpipes

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Sep 4, 2012
W212 E350 SPORT 2010 Boxster S 2006
Does anyone know how to remove the stainless tailpipe ends on the standard sport exhausts ?

I want to pop mine off for a clean and polish.

I`ve removed the bottom screw in the slot on the underside, but they won`t budge, may be just corroded on ?

Or is there another screw or clamp that I`m not seeing ?

Thanks in advance :eek:
I've wondered about doing this as well. Let us know if you succeed. I might have a look at mine later on.
I`ve started the ground up detail, got as far as finishing the claying, then the rain came :mad:

Was fumbling around in the dark the last night... then I decided to look at the tailpipes :rolleyes:

I`ll stick my head under and have a good look tomorrow :D
Just had a look in the daylight and it appears that the previous owner must have had some trouble with souvenir hunters, both of my exhaust tips have 2 tackwelds inside at the top where you can`t see them !

Nowonder I couldn`t shift them after taking the single bolt out :(

Out with a tiny grinder when I get the chance :)
I spoke to an MB friend who said they seldom come off as they are fitted as part of the manufacturing process and are offten to stiff to budge.
I did manage to budge one as the built up soot cracked, when I scraped around the "joint" I spotted the 2 welds with a bit of weld spatter to boot.

Hi-Tech anti-theft device !

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